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chevrolet day it forward

Leap year 2016. Chevy launched the #DayitForward campaign, centering on celebrities afforded an extra day to give back. GA Creative worked with Philo Media, poring over many celebrity talent options, and secured Eva Longoria. We created a heartwarming ‘soft’ story commercial for her unsung heroes at PADRES Medical Center in Los Angeles, CA. Gotham Artists Creative cast, curated and were consulting executive producers. Duration: Six weeks



Discarding standard meeting environments, Convenience Store News Magazine, sponsored by Tyson Convenience Foods, pictured a series of immersive experiences in iconic US locations to bring food service executives resonant solutions for a rapidly changing industry. Working in concert with editorial directors, meeting planners and marketing teams, Gotham Artists Creative highlighted clients’ goals in two-day meetings we curated, researched and executed. Duration: 8 months


JOURNEY TO THE STARS - Michelin Guide USA 2015 

Private Wealth Cult Wine Tasting At Michelin USA Gala San Francisco 2015

GA Creative offered BOA’s private wealth bankers inventive ways to charm and appreciate their clients. Coordinating design, marketing, food and wine execution with several partners, including Napa Valley Vintners, we envisioned a private experience for BOA’s guests who were the only consumers at an insider’s chef event.  

Michelin+Bank of America • Story of Michelin by Michael Ellis & Cult Wines courtesy of Napa Valley Vintners •  October 21, 2015 San Francisco, CA. Treasure Island


MARGARET M. HILL ENDOWED RESIDENCY Department of Communications and Performance Studies

Saint Mary’s College •  Anna Deavere Smith •  February 19-23, 2016 Notre Dame

A series of 6 (six) events across the city, over 4 (four) days. Program included a workshop on religious and educational diversity, a public one woman show, writers and actors master classes. Content was curated by GA Creative and The Department of Communications & Performance Studies, to explore the role of the performing arts in fostering activism and social justice. This weekend was the culmination of a 10-year partnership.


Bellavita Expo London 2016

Bellavita Expo London 2016 was wildly successful, rallying 8000 visitors - 74% of which were trade professionals - making the third edition of the show its best yet! There were masterclasses from Joe Bastianich, Gennaro Contaldo, Phil Howard, Aldo Zilli, Ollie Dabbous, Theo Randall and Carmelo Carnevale.


DEAN RUSK RESIDENCY School of International Affairs 

Davidson College • Ian Bremmer • March 22-23,2016 Davidson & Ambassador Melanne Vermeer, Fall 2015

Addressing the College’s goals for improving students experience with authentic thought leaders, GA Creative worked with the executive director of the Dean Rusk School of International Affairs to build two (2) residencies, incorporating family meals with students, informal class room visits, digital content, and a public event. 


The Hunger: Mr Bourdain’s book tour • Fall 2016 Best seller, "Appetites” Anthony Bourdain

Bill Blumenreich Presents • Anthony Bourdain • October 7-9, 2016 Symphony Hall, Boston, MA •  Foxwoods, CT + Cross Insurance Arena, Portland ME

additional clients


Kellogg + Philo Media + Big Nest Creative  •  Clare Robinson  •  October 15-16, 2015 Los Angeles, CA



EnsembleIQ  •  John Leguizamo (Actor, Activist, Author, Director)  •  August 24, 2016 San Diego, CA



Montclair State  •  Anastasia Cole Plakias (Co-Founder Brooklyn Grange)  •  October 7, 2016 Montclair, NJ